Judging Photography

Hi folks,

It has been a while since I updated this page so I thought I better give you an update.

In my other life outside of work I am The President at Watford Camera Club and I also am a photographic judge for the Chiltern Association of Camera Clubs.

I judged a Projected Image photographic competition last night for Hemel Hempstead Photographic Society. It is always an honour and a privilige to be asked to judge at another photographhic society or camera club so I always try to give my best performance.

Every image is judged, given critique and a score out of 20.

I judge the images based on the following criteria:-

  • Initial impact

  • Artistic merit

  • Lasting appeal

  • Emotional impact

  • Story telling

  • Techical quality

It really isn't easy and not everybody likes their image to be critiqued in quite such a dispassionate way, but judging has really helped me with my own photography and to become a better photographer.